World Water Day (March 22, 2013) is a party like none other. There are tons of celebrities  who will celebrate, like Matt Damon, Jay-Z, and Jennifer Connelly. In fact, everybody who’s anybody–and who likes to drink clean water–will be there. But don’t worry; YOU don’t have to be famous to participate this Friday. All you have to do to recognize World Water Day (and party with everyone else in the world) is one of these ten things. Take your pick!

  1.  Host a Walk4Wells event. Okay, this one is pretty obvious. As you know, Walk4Wells is our campaign to raise awareness about the importance of clean water and to raise funds to help build wells and latrines in schools in Burkina Faso. And you can interpret the walk-a-thon any way you want! We’ve seen relay races, obstacle courses, park clean-ups, and more. Don’t have the time to do it for World Water Day? Start planning for next year!
  2. Write to your elected officials about the “Water for the World” Act. Advocacy is one of the most powerful tools we have for making a difference as American citizens. We’ve created a helpful template for you to use when you reach out to your Senator or Representative and ask them to support Water for the World, a piece of legislation that will help bring clean water to millions more people.
  3. Monitor your water consumption. Take a page from our Toolkit and track of the water you use in one day–and in one week! It’s pretty dizzying. In fact, the average American uses roughly 30 times more water than the average person in sub-Saharan Africa. After you fill out your tracker in the Toolkit, take a look at the helpful tips we have for how to save water in your daily life!
  4. Take it to Twitter. Follow @UNW_WWD, as well as the hashtags #WorldWaterDay and #Walk4Wells, to listen in on the important conversations happening around water and sanitation. Then tweet your own! Here are some examples from @PlanUSA and @YUGAPlanUSA.
    • 2.5 BILLION ppl do not have access to a #toilet that works. That stinks! What can YOU do? #Walk4Wells #WorldWaterDay
    • @YUGAPlanUSA is engaging US youth to #Walk4Wells, support the campaign in honor of #WorldWaterDay!
    • What do you do when the river runs dry? You #Walk4Wells. Learn how:
    • 780 MILLION ppl do not have clean #water. What can YOU do for a thirsty world? #WorldWaterDay #Walk4Wells
    • A picture is worth 1000 words.  Check out @PlanGlobal work on #water #sanitation & #hygiene
    • @WASHadvocates @Walksforwater check out how Plan is engaging US youth to support #WorldWaterDay
  5. Make a mess to make a point. Try the “Shake My Hand” activity from our Toolkit, which makes a great point about how diseases can spread without clean water, sanitation, and hand washing. Plus, it’s really fun!
  6. Team up with the United Nations. Try out the terrific Advocacy Guide from the United Nations, which focuses on the theme of “water cooperation,” and explore other related resources on the World Water Day website, like these shocking facts about water.
  7. Give a Gift of Hope. Gifts of Hope are actual items needed by the communities where Plan International USA works. We have gifts for every budget, from a $25 jerry can to help a family fetch water, all the way to $245 to give a clean source of water for a community. More than one billion people in the world—many of them children—do not have access to safe drinking water, which leads to millions of deaths from water-borne diseases every year. Give water and give hope!
  8. Try Team Trivia. Set up a competition with your friends and family to correctly answer trivia questions from our Toolkit related to water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH). What you learn will surprise you!
  9. Five (5!) Gallon Challenge. The average daily water consumption in the developing world is 2.6 gallons, but the recommended amount needed in order to stay healthy and hydrated is 5 gallons. What if you had to live on 5 gallons of water a day? Get some friends and family together, and try it on World Water Day!
  10. Watch and learn. Check out videos that carry a message about the importance of water and sanitation. We’ve created a list at and we welcome your contributions! Better yet, screen a few of these mini-movies with your friends and family, or in a school or community center, to spread the word.

Whew. That’s all we have for now–but you can submit your own stories of parties and celebrations for World Water Day and we’ll feature them here. After all, aren’t you glad for a glass of water? Show us!

Happy World Water Day!