Want to walk? Here’s your starting line.


Read the Walk4Wells Toolkit and get the facts on the water crisis. Then use the activities and ideas in the Toolkit to educate your friends and family.

Get set.

Request a Walk4Wells Event Pack, which contains everything you need to host your own event, from posters to profiles of young people in Burkina Faso.


Register your Walk4Wells event on our website, so the world will know about your walk for clean water and for wells. Then lace up your shoes and walk with us!

Q: What if I can’t walk?

A: That’s fine! Instead, host a Walk4Wells Relay Race or Obstacle Course in your back yard, school gymnasium, or at a local park or community center. Get creative in your challenges, like running with a jerry can filled with water or jumping over buckets. Have your participants compete for prizes for the fastest time, heaviest water weight, and best sportsmanship.

You could also start a Walk4Wells Week, when you and your friends pledge to carry a gallon of water with you wherever you go. You’ll have a great conversation starter with everyone you meet!

We offer tons of other fundraising ideas, from dress-down days and bake sales to raffles and silent auctions. Contact us to find out more!

Q: Where do I send our donations?

A: Thank you for your hard work and enthusiasm! We’re so glad to have you on our team. Together, we can share water with the world.

You can send the checks you collected to the Youth Engagement & Action Team at Plan International USA. Here’s the address:

Youth Engagement & Action
Plan International USA
155 Plan Way
Warwick, RI 02886


This year, Walk4Wells takes you to Burkina Faso, a country in West Africa. 1 in 5 Burkinabe people has no access to drinkable water and 4 in 5 have no access to improved sanitation—in short, no access to toilets that work! Burkina Faso also has one of the lowest literacy rates (23%) of any country in the world. That’s why Plan International USA has teamed up with the government of Burkina Faso and several other non-governmental organizations for the Burkinabe Response to Improve Girls’ Chances to Succeed (BRIGHT) project.


Just like children and teenagers in this country, youth in the developing world have dreams for their futures. But the opportunities to pursue those dreams are simply nonexistent. Through your Walk4Wells event, you can help provide essential funding to equip schools with clean water wells and bathrooms so that students can stay healthy and stay in school.

BRIGHT began in 2005. It’s a project that focuses on improving access to and quality of education, especially for girls. So far, it has resulted in 10 new boreholes, 7 repaired boreholes, 260 new blocks of latrines, 260 new hand washing devices, and nearly 600 teachers trained in WASH, among many other positive impacts in 10 provinces.

One participant reported that because of the BRIGHT project: “Our children are educated. Plus, we broke out of ignorance thanks to the literacy training. Our diet and hygiene have also improved. We have better access to potable water.”

Burkina Response to Increase Development of Girls’ Education, or BRIDGE, will expand upon the successes of BRIGHT and build schools with boreholes and separate boys’ and girls’ latrines.

Your contributions to the Walk4Wells campaign will support this excellent work and provide even more Burkinabe girls and boys with better schools and healthier living!